Missing Persons

Missing Persons

Missing Persons Guide created by the Missing Persons Advocacy Network

Finding a Missing Loved One via the National Alliance on Mental Health

Your Loved One is Missing? What Next? provided by LostNMissing.org

What to Do When Your Loved One Goes Missing created by the Missing Pieces Network

Missing Persons Help

How to Report a Missing Person via LifeHacker

Submit Your Missing Person to NamUS

Submit a Missing Persons Application with the Salvation Army

Family members or law enforcement can request assistance from Texas EquuSearch

Contact the volunteer organization CUE (Community United Effort - Center for Missing Persons)

Black and Missing | But Not Forgotten

Black and Missing Foundation, Inc. (BAMFI)

Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women USA

Learn about the National Crime Information Center (NCIC is used by law enforcement to report Missing Persons.)

Family Links (International Committee of the Red Cross)

The AWARE Foundation

Submit Your Missing Person to The Charley Project (Cases must be more than a year old.)

International Commission on Missing Persons

International Committee of the Red Cross: Missing Persons

Post about Your Missing Person on Reddit:

More Resources for Missing Children

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC)

Polly Klaas Foundation


National Women's Coalition Against Violence & Exploitation: Missing Children's Division

Missing Child Notice Program

A Missing Child

The Committee for Missing Children

International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children