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New Release!

Answer Every Call.

That’s the motto of the Brighter Futures Suicide Hotline, a service dedicated to being the first responders to people in their darkest hours.

Or so it seems.

Because beneath the surface, bad things are happening to people that work for Brighter Futures. And anyone who comes forward is quickly silenced. There appear to be dark forces at work, but who or what is a mystery.

With every call log from beyond the grave, another piece of the puzzle is unraveled. The secret of Brighter Futures is just beginning, and with this collection you too can join in the story.

This compendium offers all of the story from season 1 originally featured on Reddit and also offers bonus material such as:

  • Blueprints of the Salem Oregon office.
  • Unique puzzles just for the book.
  • Commentary by Lucifer.
  • The employee handbook.
  • And much much more!

So answer the call and prepare to be terrified alongside every employee from Brighter Futures.

Remember, the only way out is to never go in.

Available Now!

On dark nights, the monsters creep out of your closet and scurry out from under your bed. Creatures that once haunted your nightmares appear unbidden into your daytime reality. Ghosts hide in cobwebbed corners and croon horrific lullabies.

Come. Walk into the darkness of the midnight hour and brave the terrors that await you.

And remember… it’s okay to scream.