Broken Heart


Thank you for visiting Oklahoma's only paranormal community. We love humans--and not just for dinner! Just kidding! We don't eat humans (anymore). To make your experience in Broken Heart the best ever, we offer the following guidelines:

1. Don't pet the shifters. (Especially if you enjoy having two arms. Please consider purchasing a stuffed bear shifter instead.)

2. Cover your neck. (Decorative neck covers are sold in the Broken Heart Souvenir Shop.)

3. Avoid irritating Zerina. Please. We don't offer refunds for those visitors who are zapped and end up with neon-colored hair (or no hair), tails, horns, snouts, or the sudden and awful ability to bray, howl, or yip.

4. Yes, you can feed the zombies. Please use Broken Heart's Zombie Pellets, which you can buy in the souvenir shop or in the Old Sass Cafe.

5. Stay within the approved zones for visitors. Wandering around willy nilly may result in you seeing naked elderly vampires--and you don't want that. No one does.


Broken Heart Mini-Series


We found a few issues of the Broken Heart Banner from the very early days of the Consortium's arrival in our town. We think Volume One, Issue One was eaten by werewolves. Of the German variety. Named Damian. Other than these digital files, we've been unable to procure any other evidence The Banner actually existed.